Our Services

  • We seek & find Chinese suppliers for the manufacturing of goods or creation of an idea; All the way to providing import of those products.
  • Looking to negotiate an exclusive distribution or finding the right partner to merchandise a product line? We guide you thru the process.
  • Raw material, equipment, consumer products or assemblies? You name it, we have your options.

Finding suppliers for your new product or business idea

Do you have an idea but do not know where to manufacture?

We work with you understanding exactly what you seek, we become an extension of your business.

Our 15 year experience in projects provide you with certainty about results.

We perform our search based on supplier profiles and specs, we also investigate on site and check physically if needed, our options and results are clear.

We support troughout the whole process: Price negotiations and terms, sampling, tooling, production and shipping as well as business management.

We negotiate exclusive distributions of products or brands in México

  • Maybe you seek or have found a product or Brand to introduce in México.
  • Looking to find innovative products in your own niche to increase your current offer or create new demand?

Allow us to offer those options, best part is that it’s entirely your decision.

Save time in searching and focus only on making the right business decisions.

We coordinate business trips and travel to expos and trade fairs to the best and most innovative cities in China. Don’t get lost in translation!

We find suppliers for raw material, components, finish products, etc.

Our office in China allow us to serve our customers better, you can’t beat having physical presence.
We supervise sampling of your products or shipping of samplesfor your review.
  • Any tooling requirement.
  • Quality assurance for the whole process.
  • Close communication.
In the event our customers cannot import by themselves, we do it for them.
  • We provide assistance with the whole logistics process.
Do you already have a souce but need site or product quality inspections?
  • Even if we do not participate in the offering and selecting process we service our customers with the need they require, let us know what you need.