Our Services

At Tradertrek we make use of our knowledge and experience to transform ideas into real business opportunities by providing the following consulting services.

Supplier Development

Are you looking for suppliers to import into Mexico raw materials, products, tooling and machinery?

Would you like to lower your production costs and/or the cost of your finished products?

  • We search for products having similar or better quality and lower costs.
  • We help you with your material resource planning process making sure your stock is always at an optimal level.

Do you need samples or prototypes?

  • We make sure samples are manufactured according to specifications.
  • We import goods and/or provide advice with import related topics.
  • We deliver goods at your preferred location.

Exclusive Distribution

Are you trying to close a deal to become the exclusive distributor in Mexico of a product or line of products?

  • Save valuable time and avoid frustration during the search process, let us help you so you can focus on what is truly important for your Business.
  • We provide help during the import process as well as international and domestic logistics services.
  • You let us conduct the search based on your needs and we will present the best options for you.

New Product Development

Do you have an invention and/or an innovative idea and you do not know how to manufacture it?

  • To make this happen, we reach a complete understanding of our Customer’s requirements and/or products.
  • We conduct a search based on profiles of specific foreign suppliers and perform the necessary checks to make sure they meet your requirements; we then present the results of this search in a clear and concrete way.
  • We negotiate prices, check samples, provide help with import processes as well as logistics services (both international and domestic).